Emily Gould Outlaw Snare Drum Feature

Emily teaches private drum lessons from her home studio in Colorado Springs, Colorado and online via video apps. She uses her many years of experience with performing live, recording, navigating band dynamics, and working within the music industry to teach others about the many exciting aspects of drumming. Her rates are competitive, her energetic teaching style provides the best possible visual, kinetic and audio learning, and she strives to produce the most well-rounded musicians she can, instructing on everything from correct grip to complex rhythms. All ages, styles and ability levels are welcome.

Lesson FAQs:

"What do you charge per lesson?" - Emily's rate is a highly competitive $25 per half hour. This rate may change depending on individual circumstances, such as additional time or travel.

"Do I need a drum set?" - If you do not already have a drum set, that is absolutely fine. Learning how to drum and practicing can be done without a set, though it would eventually become necessary. Purchasing drumming gear can be overwhelming, but don't worry, Emily will help you every step of the way so that you get the right gear for you.

"What do I need to bring to lessons?" - Emily provides all of the necessary equipment to students during lesson times, but it is recommended to bring one's own drum sticks.

"I have no rhythm/coordination, can I actually drum?" - Absolutely! Anyone can drum, regardless of age, ability level, experience, or confidence. Much depends on the student's goals, but, like all things, with time and effort, it is positively achievable.

"What age is too young to do drum lessons?" - Generally, students seem to benefit the most from lessons from the age of five and up, though it does depend on the individual.

If you have any questions that were not answered here, or if you'd like to schedule a lesson, send Emily a direct message via the Contact page. Thank you for your interest!