Emily Gould Outlaw Drums Feature

Emily Gould is a professional drummer, educator, and business owner currently residing in Colorado, USA. She began drumming at the age of nine and quickly found a passion for it with the help of drum lessons and the encouragement of her family. She has since dedicated her life to drumming by constantly learning new skills, sharing her knowledge through teaching, and always honing her abilities. 

Emily’s accomplishments include: proudly endorsing Outlaw Custom Drums
, Soundhoops, Humes and Berg Mfg. CO., Vulcan Cymbals, SledgePad, Evans-Dixson Bass Drum Lift, and Sweet Spots Drum Dampeners; touring internationally, including in the Faroe Islands(!); performing at Red Rocks Amphitheater; sharing the stage with such acts as Blondie, Cute Is What We Aim For, Jonny Craig, and Alex Lahey; and operating her own music studio.